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Terms Of Use

We highly appreciate that you’ve chosen our site for learning. We have set up some rules in order to keep the safety of our site, clarify the purposes and to facilitate the usage of the site while the users should follow it. Otherwise, the authorities can remove all the subjects, articles and news which are related to the very user.


The goals: have permanently tried to use the newest methods of learning in order to persuade the English language learners and reinforce their English knowledge.


The general rule: This site is being run in Iran and is under the control of Islamic Republic of Iran. According to the aims of Silkclub, every political, religious activities and the issues which contradict with the country and the collage rules are prohibited and even it’s possible they will be followed up legally.


  1. The users should consider that Silkclub never takes the responsibility of sent articles or posts and wouldn’t necessarily the club confirm all of them.


  1. Sending the subjects which offense others, insulting and offensive words and also sharing the blogs which cause irrational results are never justifiable.


  1. Each member of SilkClub has only one user’s account. So, making more is not allowed otherwise the user will be blocked.


  1. In the user’s panel, the rules related to gaining scores, awards, medals and educational honors are detailed.


  1. To declare your suggestions, criticism, complaints and site failure, you can refer to contact to administrator part.


  1. Dear English teachers are expected to draw attention of elementary or low-level students by answering their questions impressively.


  1. It is possible to send the questions just for once and repetitive ones will be removed automatically.


  1. Please avoid from writing letters, advice, irrelevant criticism, giving e-mail addresses and phone numbers.


  1. Any advertisements in Silkclub without getting out a license is illegal.


  1. The responsibility of any irrational acts is on the user and college won’t take it. If needed, the user’s account is blocked and even it’s possible to be followed up legally.


  1. In the case of insulting to the learners, teachers and agents, the user would be checked and disconnected to Silkclub.


  1. The agents should pay attention that altering their ID numbers are done only by the sit’s administrator. If your new learner or teacher had become member of Silkclub in other cities, their ID number should be changed by your own system. So, send a personal message to the head managers and report the one’s new ID number, the present and the last places of learning.


  1. Please avoid sharing the files, pictures and subjects which are against our Islamic beliefs and laws. Also remember that writing about any political issues will cause you to be disconnected to the site forever.


  1. The use of Persian font is forbidden in Silkclub since, it won’t be saved in the system. If you do not know English, use Finglish type of writing.


  1. All the user's personal information is being kept secretly in the site.


  1. To use and copy the content of the site, users require a prior written permission from the college. Otherwise any republication and copies of Silkclub content are unallowable and they will be treated according to the law.

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